September Letters: Finding Strength and Connection in Sharing Our Stories (Hardcover)

September Letters: Finding Strength and Connection in Sharing Our Stories By Brittany Snow, Jaspre Guest Cover Image
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An inspirational collection of letters, notes, and conversations among friends, celebrities, experts, and the September Letters community. A guide to help us clearly see that we are not alone, and that sharing your story is powerful and healing.

When actress and activist Brittany Snow was a teenager, she read an article about another woman’s hardship that made her feel seen and less alone. She carried that story in her back pocket for a long time. This experience was a gift that Brittany then paid forward when she revealed her own experience in a published article. Brittany’s story resonated with a young reader, who kept that story in her back pocket, where it was when the two crossed paths serendipitously.

In September Letters, Brittany Snow and close friend and SL cofounder Jaspre Guest show us how sharing our stories reveals our greater connection. This book features a collection of original letters and notes from Hannah Bronfman, Lily Cornell Silver, Kid Cudi, Maria Menounos, and more, alongside interviews with mental health experts like David Kessler, Gretchen Rubin, Mark Epstein, Jay Shetty, and Wendy Suzuki.

Equal parts guide and resource, September Letters is for anyone seeking to feel more connected with themselves and others. The book you hold is meant to be dog-eared and highlighted, to help you reflect on your personal story. Included within is a symbolic pocket, inspired by Brittany’s story, to hold your very own letter.


About the Author

Activist and actress Brittany Snow has been championing conversations around mental health for more than fifteen years. She is a passionate and outspoken advocate for mental health awareness and wellbeing. She is the cofounder of the nonprofit movement Love is Louder with the Jed Foundation and MTV. In 2020, she started the letter-writing and therapeutic experience September Letters with friend Jaspre Guest. She has written, directed and produced a movie about mental health and addiction that will be released in 2023. She is a metaphysics and science fiction fan and loves escape rooms, puzzles, and mysteries. She lives on hummus and guacamole, but not together. She hates air hockey and anything colonial. She hopes one day to have 10 more rescue dogs because Billie and Charlie are her favorite things.


Creative entrepreneur and activist Jaspre Guest, created her career by shunning traditional norms. Known as “the fixer”, she is the founder of boutique branding and pr agency Noise 784. Jaspre has led initiatives for a range of nonprofits including It Gets Better, Global Citizen, the International Rescue Committee, Love Is Louder, and the ASPCA.  In 2020, she cofounded letter writing initiative, September Letters with friend Brittany Snow.  Jaspre’s next project, Finding Your Magic, will fulfill her desire to help people by creating a hub for healing. She has been featured in PEOPLE, E!, Forbes and Coveteur. Jaspre is obsessed with her fruit salad aka her Pomeranians: Papaya, Fig, Rhubarb and Quince. She plans to continue to add to the fruit bowl. 

Product Details
ISBN: 9780063242227
ISBN-10: 0063242222
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 144
Language: English