Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For Children and Adults) (Paperback)

Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For Children and Adults) By Samara a. Doumnande Cover Image
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Written in poetry, an exquisite retelling of the stories of the Bible from Adam to Moses. Written for adults, but clean and captivating enough for children. (Preview) ...Now the two of them were naked, Adam and the woman he called Eve, And though they felt no shame, it was Eve who became na ve. See the serpent was the shrewdest of all creatures, And he duped her by telling her, that she could do whatever pleased her. That is, he led Eve to believe that she could take from the tree: The one of knowledge of good and bad, and could have a bite from it to eat. She gazed over at the tree, and saw it as a delight to her eyes, Because it was an awesome sight to see-that was the reason why. So she walked over to the tree and grabbed a bite to eat, Disobeying the Lords command, that to take from this tree, they were not free. She then saw the tree to have provided a source of wisdom, So she gathered some fruit up and took some to her husband. And as the two of them ate, their eyes became opened, No longer blind, becoming wiser, no longer like two innocent children. And when the two of them gained sight, they perceived they were naked. And what happened next? Well the two of them never waited To sew together fig leaves from a tree to cover their nudity But the Lord of the Earth, He found out eventually See, when they heard the sound of the Lord roaming through the garden, The two of them hid among the trees, because they were frightened. "Where are you?" cried the Lord, from out of the heavens? And Adam called out to the Lord, "Yes, Lord. I am here, I'm hiding behind the trees, My Lord-that is where. I only hid because I perceived I was naked." And the Lord then looked down at His son, the man He had created. And to this God responded, "My son Adam, how did you know this? And what about that garment you are wearing-did you sew it? Did you eat from the tree of which I told you not to eat?" "Yes Lord, I ate from the tree, and I took the fruit from the woman, You created for me." And the Lord said to the woman, "What is this you have done?" "Yes", spoke the woman, "I gave it to Adam, and ate myself, because of the serpent. He's the one." Then the Lord became angry and placed a curse on the serpent, Saying, "All of the rest of your days you shall suffer and they shall be spent Crawling on your belly over the earth and the soil." And to Adam he said, "Of the land of which you toil, Thorns and thistles shall only sprout for you. And my Eve as for you, I even have a curse for you too. See you pains of child bearing shall be just as dreadful, And your husband will rule over you, no matter how stressful. Now listen to Me, all of you-this is your curse All of you should have taken some time to think about what you did first. And now that I see what the two of you have done, I do not feel as though I can ever trust you again- Neither you, my daughter Eve, nor even you Adam, My son. And now that I see that you have taken from the knowledge of good and bad tree, What if you take from the tree of life too, and have from it also a piece? So the Lord God banished both Adam and Eve Away from the garden, and they walked out from it on their feet. And as for the tree of life, the one of which God feared from next they'd eat, He guarded it with cherubim, and a fiery sword, to protect it from their greed. . . (Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme)

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Samara A. Doumnande is not only the author of "Bible Tales", but she is also the author the play, "A Tale of Antinara," which is soon to be released in the upcoming years. Samara Doumnande is an outspoken paranoid schizophrenic who advocates for the rights of the mentally ill through several book projects, including, "If We Could Tape Record Our Thoughts," and the play, "A Tale of Antinara," both soon to be released. Samara has recently put out a spoken word Album for Bible Tales which can be found on, CD Baby, and iTunes (just search the key words "Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme" in the iTunes Store, CD Baby Store, or in the Store.) SamDoum (Samara's nickname) is also a talented visual artist and her online fine art gallery and store can be found over at, which features portraits of the African American family and the daily life of women and children. The subject matters for the portraits featured on are inspired by the late artists Mary Cassatt and Henry Ossawa Tanner. SamDoum is also the author of a blog by the name of "The Blog of SamDoum Art by SamDoum." She is also the author of the site Samara Doumnande lives in Rochester, New York with her husband and three children.
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ISBN: 9780615854205
ISBN-10: 0615854206
Publisher: Samara Doumnande
Publication Date: July 19th, 2013
Pages: 168
Language: English