Apologetics for Teens - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (Large Print / Paperback)

Apologetics for Teens - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? By Bethany Kaldas Cover Image
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Over two-thousand years ago, the angels declared, 'Christ is Risen ' And the whole world changed. But if it was two-thousand years ago, how can we really know it happened? Couldn't it just have been a legend passed on down for generations, maybe because it gave people comfort? If you've ever wondered this, just be sure you're not alone, and many, many people before you have asked the same question. In fact, it's a good thing you're willing to ask these questions, because it means you care about the answers, you care about what you have based your faith on.

In this book, the first in a series on apologetics, you will find not only the answers to how you can be sure of Christ's Resurrection, as researched by so many people before you, but also we hope to open your eyes to the approach to apologetics, the way we answer these often challenging questions about our faith. A healthy, honest scepticism has its place within faith-in fact, asking such questions and searching sincerely for answers can make your faith even stronger than it would be if you hadn't. So never be afraid to look deeper.

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ISBN: 9780645139433
ISBN-10: 0645139432
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: St Shenouda Press
Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
Pages: 80
Language: English