Wrecks (Paperback)

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This collection includes one full-length play, WRECKS, and seven short plays, COAX, FALLING IN LIKE, LAND OF THE DEAD, LIARS CLUB, LOVE AT TWENTY, STAND-UP, and UNION SQUARE. WRECKS: Can someone honestly love a person whom they have deceived for thirty years? This is the central question behind WRECKS, Neil LaBute's latest foray into the dark side of human nature. Meet Edward Carr: loving father, successful businessman, grieving widower. In this concise powerhouse of a play, LaBute limns the boundaries of love, exploring the limits of what society will accept versus what the heart will desire. This collection also features the short plays UNION SQUARE, LOVE AT TWENTY, LAND OF THE DEAD, STAND-UP, LIARS CLUB, COAX, and FALLING IN LIKE. UNION SQUARE: A man headed downtown from Union Square asks directions from a homeless man and winds up sharing the details of his marriage and the unexpected contents of his lunch bag. LOVE AT TWENTY: A college student veers between idolatry and vengeance. LAND OF THE DEAD: A New York couple part. He goes to the office, she to a clinic. As events unfold, it becomes clear that this is very far from an ordinary day. STAND-UP: An amateur comic struggles with his new routine. LIARS CLUB: A group of actors addresses the audience. Are they performing a script or sharing personal stories? COAX: Jacob, a nice young man, eagerly anticipates a meeting with the Internet friend with whom he's corresponded for months. When the young lady finally arrives, Jacob informs us of his plans for her. FALLING IN LIKE: A woman waits at a table. She's very sure he's going to show up. He's a little late, but he always shows up. It's their anniversary after all. All right, once or twice maybe he didn't show up. Perhaps she'll wait just a few more minutes, because he will show up.

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ISBN: 9780881456882
ISBN-10: 0881456888
Publisher: Broadway Play Publishing
Publication Date: October 18th, 2016
Pages: 124
Language: English