Rules of the Game: How to Win a Job in Educational Leadership (Paperback)

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RULES OF THE GAME: How to Win a Job in Educational Leadership (Second Edition) offers Insider Tips and Trade Secrets to help you navigate the job-seeking process. At last--a professional educator, having served in all leadership roles-- principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent reveals her strategies to help you create a self-promotion plan, excel at the interview process, and win job offers. Few books are written explicitly for the educator aspiring to move into school administration or current administrators desiring to move on to the next level.

This book explains the promotion process from beginning to end within the context of five major arenas:
  • PLANNING: Developing the Game Plan
  • PACKAGING: The Art of Self Promotion
  • PREPARING: Practice Makes Perfect
  • PROFESSIONAL BRANDING: Protecting Your Winning Image
  • PERSEVERING: Crossing the Finish Line
    • Do you continue to apply for jobs and not receive interviews?
    • Does your resume stand out in a crowd?
    • Are you tired of being complimented for coming in "second"?
    • Are you prepared to answer the wide range of questions asked in an interview?
    • Do you have the resiliency to withstand rejection and keep applying for the jobs you want?

  • SCORING THE GOAL This professional mentor includes expert advice on the most effective ways to win a new job in educational administration. READERS WILL LEARN:
    • How to strategically plan for your next career move.
    • How to package your letters of interest and resumes.
    • How to secure stunning letters of recommendation.
    • How to prepare for the high-stakes interview by developing Interview SCRIMMAGE NOTE."
    • How to persevere when the going gets tough as you approach the finish line.

About the Author

Dr. Marilou Ryder serves as Associate Professor of Education in the Ed.D program for Organizational Leadership at Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System. Marilou holds a master's degree from Syracuse University and received her doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne in 1998. As an educational leader Dr. Ryder has been fortunate to participate in a wide range of experiences at both the university and school district level. Working in six school districts within two states her experiences have included classroom teaching, leadership as a middle school principal, assistant superintendent of educational services, and district superintendent for both a unified and union high school district. She received the California Administrator of the Year Award and was also awarded the Johns Hopkins Outstanding Administrator. Active in dialogue on educational policy issues Dr. Ryder has worked with groups statewide to promote public education. Her leadership roles have included participation in educational women's mentoring groups and serving as a board member for various educational foundations. In 2007, Dr. Ryder was named "Top Ten Business Professional Women of the Year" for her involvement in local community affairs. Dr. Ryder's scholarly interests range widely, from the history of women in leadership to that of mentoring teachers to become future school leaders. Her dissertation entitled, "The Impact of Male Gender Dissonance on Women's Potential Eligibility for Advancement to the Position of Superintendent" was later published as a popular book, entitled, The SeXX Factor: Breaking the Unwritten Codes that Sabotage Personal and Professional Lives, by New Horizon Press in 2003. She co-authored with Dr. Tamerin Capellino a publication entitled 92 Tips from the Trenches: How to Stay in the Game as an Educational Leader (2014 Delmar Publishing). An accomplished presenter, Dr. Ryder speaks extensively throughout California delivering lively and engaging presentations entitled, Boost Your Promotion Quotient and Smart Interview Habits. Throughout her career, Dr. Ryder has been an energetic and determined advocate for scholarly learning and practice and is deeply committed to raising the quality of education through innovation and sustainable change practices.
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ISBN: 9780990410317
ISBN-10: 0990410315
Publisher: Delmar Thomson Learning
Publication Date: October 19th, 2016
Pages: 210
Language: English