HSC I See Me CHILDREN'S BIBLE By Anitra Meshay Thompson (Illustrator), Anitra Meshay Thompson Cover Image
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Part one of a unique and groundbreaking four-part Children's Bible story series, specifically designed to have your young one(s) pointing joyously and saying, "I SEE ME " as they look upon the beautifully inclusive and diverse illustrations of easy-to-understand abbreviations of everyone's favorite Bible stories Recommended for Children Age 3+

About the Author

Anitra Thompson has been an avid reader since the first grade, and wrote her first book at the age of 7 - requesting her school librarian put the short lengthened, paper stapled contraption on the shelf! Since then, Anitra has written stories, poetry, and even screenplays, but has never published her work, until now. "I watch a lot of movies. I love movies! But there's such a lack of inclusivity in them. It doesn't quite reflect the world around me, in my opinion, and it saddens me. I crave a world - I see a world full of many people, of many colors! I see them talking, interacting, being the best of friends, creating the deepest of love stories!" Anitra has taken the slogan "HSC - I See Me" upon her works, and vowed to share her stories with the world! "I pray I produce Holy Spirit Created masterpieces that allow people of every color to see themselves in the splendor and beauty in which our PERFECT Maker created them. May they not only see themselves, but themselves along with every race in existence, being brothers and sisters, as the good Lord intended!" The "HSC - I See Me CHILDREN'S BIBLE" was her first publication, but it will not be her last! Her dream is to get her screenplays and tv shows before the eyes and into the hearts of the world! "In the name of JESUS! To God be the glory!"
Product Details
ISBN: 9780999749630
ISBN-10: 0999749633
Publisher: Hsc - I See Me
Publication Date: December 14th, 2017
Pages: 30
Language: English