Sword & Caravan (Paperback)

Sword & Caravan By Rpg Pundit, Chris Miller (Cover Design by), Chris Miller (Editor) Cover Image
By Rpg Pundit, Chris Miller (Cover Design by), Chris Miller (Editor)
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Medieval Adventures in the East

Sword & Caravan is an OSR setting book for playing a historically accurate fantasy campaign set in the East along the region known as "the Silk Road" at the turn of the 12th/13th Centuries. This historic campaign's timeline is set amid the turbulent era between the Third Crusade and the Mongol Invasions. This marked Europe's earliest period of post-classical interaction with the East.

As Players, you may decide to take on the roles of crusaders, merchants, or explorers traveling to ancient and mysterious lands. Alternatively, you may choose from any number of unique character concepts native to those lands.

With a detailed gazetteer of every region along the Silk Road from the Crusader States and the Muslim world to China, Sword & Caravan gives you everything you need to explore the history and varied cultures of a region filled with war, intrigue, commerce, and conquests.

This book includes:

  • New classes and magical techniques
  • Guidelines and mechanics on merchant commerce, social interactions, law & justice
  • A historically accurate bestiary of medieval monsters local to the setting
  • Magic items inspired by the myths and legends of every culture in the region
  • Abundant adventure seeds that GMs can use to hook Players
  • Random tables and generators to help create encounters with an authentic world feeling

Although Sword & Caravan is designed for play with any OSR system, it

is especially attuned for play with the Lion & Dragon Medieval Authentic RPG.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087955414
ISBN-10: 1087955416
Publisher: Mad Scribe Games
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
Pages: 196
Language: English