Thrival Kit: The Best Teacher is Always the Best Student (Paperback)

Thrival Kit: The Best Teacher is Always the Best Student By Marion Christopher Pugh Cover Image
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Thrival Kit is geared towards young people from ages 13 to 21 years old, but is also intended to benefit adults who are still questioning aspects of life, purpose, worth, and mindset. Usually when circumstances are out of their control, people try to hold on to what they know. It's more difficult to learn something new in survival mode. It's difficult to flourish and be fearful simultaneously. It's difficult to be prosperous when vision is lost and the connection to purpose is removed. This signals a tone and spirit of distress. The distress signal is so loud in their minds that any newly acquired information is drowned out. It feels like a foreign language and the first instinct is to reject change because of an insecurity. Whatever is new is a stranger and could hurt them, so they reject information and knowledge for their personal safety.

The only thing left is the will and the skill to react and survive. All people throughout the country and around the world are trying to survive. Thus, when disaster strikes, a distress signal is usually created internally for those who are informed that the specified disaster may affect them. The distress signal is first set off by a person's mood or temperament and then shifts into a mode, namely, survival mode. When people think their life is about to end or is in immediate danger, survival mode instinctively kicks in. In this mode, people often take action by looking for tools, food, and other resources to prepare them for what is to come. This culmination of resources and preparedness is called the survival kit.

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ISBN: 9781088211076
ISBN-10: 1088211070
Publisher: Manhood Mindset Publishing
Publication Date: July 28th, 2023
Pages: 126
Language: English