A Rogue at Stonecliffe (Mass Market Paperbound)

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New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp invites you back to Stonecliffe, where an unwelcome reunion between a lady and a rogue calls up old feelings...and new dangers.

When the love of her life left without any explanation, Annabeth Winfield moved on despairingly, knowing she'd never have a love as thrilling as her first ever again. Sloane Rutherford was roguish and daring, but as Annabeth grew up, she realized that their reckless romance was just a passing adventure, never meant for stability. Twelve years later, Annabeth is engaged to someone new, ready to start her life with a dependable man.

That's when Sloane returns. And he brings with him a serious warning: Annabeth is in trouble.

After spending the past dozen years working as a spy, Sloane thought he'd left espionage behind him. But now a dangerous blackmailer is after Annabeth. Sloane offers to hide his former lover at Stonecliffe, the Rutherford estate, but stubborn Annabeth demands to be part of the investigation. As the two embark on a dangerous and exciting journey, memories of their past romance resurface. Sloane and Annabeth aren't the wide-eyed children they used to be, but knowing they're wrong for each other makes a nostalgic affair seem very right...

A Stonecliffe Novel

Book 1: An Affair at Stonecliffe
Book 2: A Rogue at Stonecliffe
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ISBN: 9781335513106
ISBN-10: 1335513108
Publisher: Canary Street Press
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023
Pages: 384
Language: English