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Kapalkundala (1866) is a novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. Set in Dariapur, Contai, Kapalkundala was Chatterjee's second novel. Recognized as a pioneering work of Bengali literature with universal romantic themes, Kapalkundala has been adapted several times for film and television, most recently for a popular Indian Bengali soap opera of the same name. On his way home to Saptagram from a pilgrimage to Gangasagar, Nabakumar encounters a Tantric sage in the forest. After exchanging their greetings, the sage captures the young gentleman in order to sacrifice him to the goddess Shamshaan Kali. Rescued by the sage's foster daughter, the beautiful Kapalkundala, Nabakumar marries her the next day. Despite their happiness, the past refuses to let them live in peace. As the sage plots his revenge, Nabakumar's first wife, who left him after converting to Islam, has returned seeking forgiveness. As doubt begins to penetrate their bond, Nabakumar and Kapalkundala lose sight of the only thing that matters: each other. Tragic and timeless, Kapalkundala is a brilliant romance from a legendary figure in Bengali literature.

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