Watching Movies with Christian Eyes Too: Bible Studies on the Big Screen for Teens (Paperback)

Watching Movies with Christian Eyes Too: Bible Studies on the Big Screen for Teens By Susan Maluschka Cover Image
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Being a teenager is hard work. Thanks to a combination of hormone overload, peer pressure, and social beliefs, teens and even preteens often feel misunderstood or alienated and are treated as unimportant or an outcast. These feelings are a combination of many things but generally come down to trying to figure out your place in the world from under your parent's thumb. Sports and video games sometimes help you escape the pressures of life for a little while. but they are not solutions. You need answers that can help you get a clearer picture of where you're going in life and what you want to be like when you get there.

Through movies, we can see the best and worst in ourselves. These studies will help you as a young adult (ages eleven to sixteen) to see beyond the movie's storyline and into the heart of the feelings and issues the characters are dealing with. If you haven't had to deal with some of these issues yet, hang on. They're coming. You need to give serious thought now about how you will choose to deal with these issues when they do come up. No one can do it for you. Going through these questions is a good way to get started thinking. The world is ever-changing, but we have the one thing that will never change-God's Word. Living in this world can be rough, but you can be the one to make it better.

Not all of the movies are rated to be seen by someone your age, but they don't have to be. You don't have to see the movies to do this study. The questions will guide you through the scenes so you can focus on the issues without dealing with the emotions that accompany visual images. Despite this, some topics may still be too sensitive for some people. For this reason, movies that focus solely on death or evil are noted with an asterisk on the "Contents" page because viewer discretion is advised.

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Publication Date: August 16th, 2021
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