Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids: 55 Fun Activities to Think Creatively, Solve Problems, and Love Learning (Health and Wellness Workbooks for Kids) (Paperback)

Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids: 55 Fun Activities to Think Creatively, Solve Problems, and Love Learning (Health and Wellness Workbooks for Kids) By Peyton Curley Cover Image
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Discover the power of a growth mindset with hands-on activities for ages 8 to 12

Having a growth mindset means practicing flexible thinking and looking at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow! When you approach situations with genuine curiosity and excitement, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids is a fun and engaging activity book that encourages you to develop your creative problem-solving skills and foster a "can-do" attitude.

A kid-friendly approach—Explore what it truly means to have a growth mindset with advice and examples meant especially for kids ages 8 to 12.

55 creative exercises—These activities will encourage you to dream big, bounce back from mistakes, expand your mind, and celebrate every success.

Inspiring stories of success—Find real-life tales about kids just like you who used their growth mindset to reach their goals.

Jump into this guide to growth mindset for kids today and watch your skills improve.

About the Author

Peyton Curley is a former teacher who used her experience and passion for working with children to launch her business, The Social Emotional Teacher, LLC. She is devoted to providing parents, educators, and mental health workers with the resources and strategies they need to develop and nurture social-emotional learning skills in children. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she enjoys spending time with her dog, Crouton, reading books, watching Kentucky basketball, and soaking up the warm weather.

Praise For…

“In a world where mental health is of utmost importance, Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids provides tools for educating children how to take ownership of their social emotional learning (SEL) and apply these strategies to their everyday lives. Brilliantly written and organized to engage young learners, this book is the resource parents and teachers need to support SEL both at home and in the classroom.” —Brittany Walker, Ph.D, Assistant Principal

“A growth mindset is a gift that will last a lifetime! The Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids equips children and parents with tools for building resilience, self-esteem, and thoughtful ways for reframing mistakes into learning opportunities. Any child from any background who uses this workbook will be encouraged to approach challenges with fortitude!” —LaToya Whitlock, Executive Director for Decode Project

“As a parent and educator, I cannot give this book enough stars. Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids is incredible in the home and in the classroom. When working through this book the author's passion for growth shines bright. This workbook covers social-emotional learning from the power of making mistakes to setting goals and defining what growth mindset means to each of us. It is kid-friendly and helps kids develop an ever encompassing positive attitude toward social-emotional learning. This book gives knowledge and resources to change a fixed mindset, and I highly recommend it.” —Amy Jenney, K-5 Behavior Specialist
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ISBN: 9781646117031
ISBN-10: 1646117034
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 24th, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English
Series: Health and Wellness Workbooks for Kids