Weirdest (Paperback)

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By Heather Nuhfer, Brenda Hickey (Illustrator)
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Thirteen-year-old wallflower Veronica's most intense emotions physically manifest themselves in hilarious and embarrassing ways.

Veronica McGowan is a typical, unremarkable, average thirteen-year-old. And this is the bane of her existence. Desperate to be an "Est"--cutest, smartest, funniest--Veronica bumbles her way through 8th grade, never truly being herself for fear of rejection. Being a teenager is hard enough without the whole demoralizing world of Pearce Middle School knowing how you really feel. And nothing could be worse than everyone discovering how lame you really are. Or so she thinks....

One night, Veronica plots a way to become cool, wishing something--anything--about her would change, making her an "Est." The next morning, Veronica wakes up for another woeful day of teenage anonymity, only to make a mortifying discovery--her strongest emotions physically manifest themselves in weird ways

She belches fire when she's angry, dark clouds soak her with rain when she's sad, and she grows a protective turtle shell when she's frightened. But worst of all, whenever she daydreams about her biggest crush, Veronica is bombarded by giggly, cutesy, floating hearts Yep. That's worse than being lame. For once, Veronica longs to be a wallflower. But Veronica's emotions are on a roller-coaster ride, and her powers are running haywire.

It looks like Veronica has finally become an "Est." But who would ever want to be--the weirdest?
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ISBN: 9781682610411
ISBN-10: 1682610411
Publisher: Her Universe Press
Publication Date: June 28th, 2016
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: N/A