The Creator and the Creation: A collection of authentic Kabbalah inspirations (Paperback)

The Creator and the Creation: A collection of authentic Kabbalah inspirations By Rob Taylor Cover Image
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The Science of the Wisdom of Kabbalah; The wisdom of Kabbalah is a centuries old science that investigates the nature of our relationship with the force we refer to as, The Creator.

Through this investigation Kabbalists of the past have passed down, to all of humanity, a method by which each of us can actually realize our role in the universe and how humanity can evolve above the suffering so prevalent in the world today.

The inspirations contained in this book are derived from the works of authentic Kabbalists. Meaning, only Kabbalists who actually attained the spiritual levels of which they speak. The truth in these inspirations is clearly evident to those seeking the answer to the question, What is the meaning of my life?

-- The vast and deep knowledge one can attain from this Kabbalah book is unmatched.

-- Kabbalah is a historic Jewish book of thought that delves into the depths of spiritual energy.

-- This Kabbalah book is a masterpiece amongst its peers. This book brings the wealthy culture of Kabbalah to life for all to understand.

-- Utilizing new perspectives will grant us the ability to use Kabbalah to better ourselves.

-- Up until very recently, Kabbalah was reserved for the elite, those who only after years of scholarship and practice were allowed to enter this mystical realm. Today, you can study it through these Kabbalah books.

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