Push and Pull (Paperback)

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By Joshua Rivoli (Illustrator), Diane Rivoli
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Thirty-five-year-old Jay Hendershott was tall and handsome, with a football player's build, a quick wit, and an easy smile. He was a successful photographer, a caring father to his teenage daughter, a thoughtful neighbor, and a helpful friend. Jay was happy and at peace with himself and with his life. And even more importantly, ushering in and adding to this happiness, Jay Hendershott was a man in love. Together, in a three-bedroom ranch on a tree-lined suburban street, Jay and his daughter and the one that he loved lived as one happy family - A perfect picture, if perfection was something that truly existed. But life is too complicated for perfection. And love can bring as much confusion and heartache as it brings joy - especially if you are a man in love with another man.How being gay effects Jay and those around him is at the core of Push and Pull. Author Diane Rivoli brings to life a cast of compelling and relatable characters; each facing their own personal struggle, entwined for better or worse with the others; each trying to find the answers to make life and love work.
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ISBN: 9781730920363
ISBN-10: 1730920365
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 26th, 2018
Pages: 276
Language: English