The Bayside Bunch Quarantined in Queens (Paperback)

The Bayside Bunch Quarantined in Queens By Unseld Robinson, Mike Motz (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Unseld Robinson, Mike Motz (Illustrator)
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There is a dark cloud over the Bayside Queens community. A virus called COVID-19 has reached Queens, and for the Bayside Bunch that means trouble. Public School 411 Elementary now must deal with the changes to their lives this virus has caused. Selwyn is on his way to see Principal Jones before reading the morning announcements. Principal Jones informed the children that Public School 411 Elementary will be closed the next day. A note will be sent home to all parents by the end of the school day. The Bayside Bunch are worried about the information in Principal Jones's note to parents. They all think Selwyn has read it, but he will not say what was in it. What did the principal's note say? Why is Selwyn worried? How will school closure affect the children at Public School 411 Elementary? Read the funny tale Quarantined in Queens and find out.

Readers learn about the pandemic from the eyes and ears of relatable characters in the story. The information used to develop this book is a collection of interviews with educators and families across the United States. Readers will learn about the stories of children quarantined at home with their parents in a remote school environment. The book provides suggestions that will would help children and families transition through the pandemic.

The Bayside Bunch Quarantined in Queens is all about building a child's compassion, confidence and showing the beauty of diversity in all its forms. The COVID picture book encourages children to think and inspire conversations with adults about friendship, courage, and citizenship.

Features & Highlights:

Colorful illustrations of school aged children exploring concepts like diversity, kindness, courage and caring.

Positive, educational, and fun is an excellent gift for any child.

Celebrating kindness, courage, and hope through a picture book can build confidence and demonstrate the impact of diversity, and compassion in real-world scenarios.

Designed to build confidence in children aged 7-11 while giving them access to connect with relatable characters and a school environment that they will recognize immediately.

A Great Gift for Any Child

If you're looking for a picture book for your school-aged child, this picture book helps children to see how compassion, kindness and courage can change their lives.

Perfect for All Children

This book is an excellent choice for children aged 7-11. The picture book has exceptional illustrations, relatable characters, and a school environment that children will recognize immediately.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735245706
ISBN-10: 1735245704
Publisher: La Sirena Books
Publication Date: June 25th, 2020
Pages: 50
Language: English