Blended Learning with Google: Your Guide to Dynamic Teaching and Learning (Paperback)

Blended Learning with Google: Your Guide to Dynamic Teaching and Learning By Kasey Bell Cover Image
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Say goodbye to boring lectures and tired, one-and-done activities

In Blended Learning with Google, bestselling author and experienced educator Kasey Bell shows you how to use Google tools to design and support dynamic blended learning experiences whether you're teaching in-person, online classes, or both

With so much of life and learning happening online, we have to think differently about lessons and assignments. We can't rely on worksheets or one-and-done activities. They don't cut it anymore To better serve our students, we must go beyond traditional methods-and beyond the walls of our classrooms. We need Dynamic Learning, and Google's powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools can help

Kasey Bell is your personal Google guide, but don't let the southern charm fool you. She packs this book with practical ideas and meaningful strategies that you can implement right away.

Here is a peek at what you'll find in Blended Learning with Google:

  • A practical framework for meaningful Blended Learning
  • Digital learning strategies for every classroom
  • Google templates, lesson plans, pro tips, remote learning tips, and more

This book is not about Google; it's about how to use Google tools to support Dynamic Learning for your students every day

Shake Up Learning with Google tools to design Dynamic Blended Learning experiences in your classroom

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ISBN: 9781735601823
ISBN-10: 1735601829
Publisher: Shake Up Learning LLC
Publication Date: December 16th, 2020
Pages: 168
Language: English