The Lost King's Daughter (Paperback)

The Lost King's Daughter By A. D. German Cover Image
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"The gold of nobles is a rare gift indeed."

For as long as Finockt can remember, she has sought a means to escape the remote Val nthian village in which she grew up, prompted to depart by something deeper than herself and which she cannot explain. But that same prompting compels her to remain until the day her vengeful enemy seeks her life after he discovers her secret: a golden necklace bearing one half of an intricate cross pendant.

When she is suddenly rescued by a mysterious, young man who has been tracking her for years, she and the rare, unbefitting item she owns are taken to Thorl thlon, Val nthia's stronghold.

Now Finockt finds herself tossed in the middle of a battle between two kingdoms, each with a claim to one man's throne, and face-to-face with a regent who holds the key to unlocking everything she did not know about herself and the past she thought was forgotten.

But does she have the courage to combat Thorl thlon's dark history and curtail the inevitable? And what other secret will she find hidden in Thorl thlon's depths to aid her quest?

Find out now in the first installment of the trilogy In the Shadow of Emerald Fire: The Lost King's Daughter

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736726013
ISBN-10: 1736726013
Publisher: Onnenn Publishing
Publication Date: August 10th, 2023
Pages: 494
Language: English