Maeve Rising: Coming Out Trans in Corporate America (Paperback)

Maeve Rising: Coming Out Trans in Corporate America By Maeve Duvally Cover Image
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Until she finally got sober, Maeve's life was mired in depression and unconscious struggle.She felt unconnected and full of self-loathing. Not herself. It took a lifetime in and out of AA and rehab and a trail of failed relationships and escalating trouble, before she began to understand the source of her lifelong despair and took the bold step to become the woman she is now.In this intimate and unflinchingly honest memoir, Maeve tells the story of being herself in all aspects of her life, including work, the last threshold. She faced the special challenge of working as a manager of public relations for Goldman Sachs and therefore was a public face of the company. She knew she couldn't transition quietly.Initially she keeps her identity a secret with wardrobe changes in the lobby bathroom after work. When she finally declares herself, Goldman Sachs - to her surprise - embraces her. A New York Times story follows, leading Maeve to a new life as a role model for other transgender people and giving her a sense of purpose that had been lacking her entire life.
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ISBN: 9781736795415
ISBN-10: 1736795414
Publisher: Sibylline Press
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English