Mel (Paperback)

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At the early turn of the century, the quiet rural life of a poor farm family is forever changed when they are visited by an itinerant workman. Mel is a warm and charming story told by an old woman to her grandson as she prepares to die. Grandma has led a full and richly blessed life. She has a notion about a man named Mel who mysteriously appears one day in her childhood, just as her little brother, seemingly, shoots himself dead. As she stands shocked by the scene, Mel steps out of nowhere and miraculously helps the boy to his feet.

Who is this Mel, and where did he from? What is his mysterious power? Is he real? Does anyone in this small southern town realize they are in the company of someone special? What is his purpose, what will he teach them while he lives among them?

Accented with good humor and witty expressions, Mel is rich in content, capturing warm moments of a childhood characterized by love and security, spouses who cherish each other, enjoyable extended family, strong community, and best of all, God's plan for salvation. Through his gentle character, Mel conveys God's guidelines for peace and happy living in a heartwarming manner.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737966234
ISBN-10: 1737966239
Publisher: Cold Front Publishing
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English