Mayhem, Mishaps and Miseducation: A Relief Teacher's True Classroom Tales by 'Frank Chalk's Australian Cousin' (Paperback)

Mayhem, Mishaps and Miseducation: A Relief Teacher's True Classroom Tales by 'Frank Chalk's Australian Cousin' Cover Image
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If you enjoyed Frank Chalk, you'll love meeting Rusty Slate. He's a relief teacher in a deceptively calm and quiet area, where the school classrooms are out-of-control and many of the students are off-the-planet. Rusty Slate has seen it all - unlikely mishaps, bizarre misbehaviour and outrageous miseducation. Luckily, he shares his true tales with plenty of humour along the way. Rusty finds that it can be rather difficult to effectively teach students the basics of reading, writing and mathematics, when parents are fist-fighting at the front gate, teachers take sudden 'mental health days' and children bring hand grenades for show-and-tell (I kid you not ).It's true that many teachers are talented, brave-hearted people who care deeply about the children they serve. Around here, most of those teachers have escaped Mr Slate's district to teach in greener pastures elsewhere, leaving an unusually quirky and somewhat bewildered bunch of not-quite-so-talented educators to run the local schools. Luckily, what they lack in experience, they make up for in... let's just say... unusual and unorthodox classroom ways. This book demystifies some of the questions teachers have secretly wondered? Why do some of the least talented teachers ride the fast-track to positions of authority in many schools? When did teachers stop being people who discipline children becoming people who are disciplined by parents and principals? Why Is the student behaviour in most schools deteriorating so fast when our newly-graduated teachers have been taught such innovative and creative new styles of behaviour management? How can our best, most dedicated teachers stay in the profession of teaching without losing their minds?Can Mr Slate make it to the end of the school year with his sanity intact? Maybe, but there's only one way to find out. Every parent and teacher will love seeing what actually passes as 'normal' in many schools today. To find out what is REALLY happening in your child's seemingly lovely modern school, this book is an essential eye-opener for you.
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ISBN: 9781796875263
ISBN-10: 1796875260
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 18th, 2019
Pages: 268
Language: English