Yoga for Witches (Paperback)

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Witchcraft and yoga share many similarities that are, for the first time, explored in combination in this groundbreaking new title from Sarah Robinson, a certified yoga instructor and experienced witch.

Find your magic on the mat!

An exploration, a new kind of journey, connecting two powerful spiritual disciplines, with enchanting effects! Yoga for Witches shares exercises, poses, and the knowledge you need to connect to your own special magic and inner power.
  • Find out what the word yoga really means
  • Explore how ancient yogis sought out magic
  • Discover some of the goddesses and gods of yogic and witch culture
  • Weave magic through spells, mantra, meditation, and yoga practice
  • Explore the magic of the chakras
  • Connect to the power of the Sun, Moon and Earth via witchcraft and yoga
Namaste, Witches!

About the Author

Sarah Robinson is the bestselling author of Yin Magic, Kitchen Witch (featured in Cosmopolitan’s top witch books and recipient of the Comfy Cozy Book Award, 2022), Enchanted Journeys, and The Kitchen Witch Companion (with Lucy H. Pearce). She studied at Bath, Exeter, and Harvard universities, teaches yoga, and holds an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience.

Praise For…

"Yoga for Witches is smart, well written and its subject is a welcome change and unique contribution to the ever expanding literature of contemporary Witchcraft. Most importantly, the author's genuine and warm-hearted spirit welcomes and encourages the reader to discover, explore and cultivate a life filled with real magic."
– Phyllis Curott, Wiccan Priestess, activist attorney, internationally best-selling author of Book of Shadows, Wicca Made Easy, The Witches Wisdom Tarot, and Vice Chair Emerita, Parliament of the World's Religions

"Yoga for Witches combines two ancient traditions in a fascinating and readable way. An essential book for the modern seeker looking to bring their faith and spiritual yoga practice together in new and inspiring ways."
– Alice Grist, author of Dirty & Divine

"Yoga for Witches is a beautifully written book that blends yoga with the art of witchcraft, tapping into natural magic that happens both on and off the yoga mat. Sarah gently shows you how you can enhance your life through Eastern wisdom and Western magical practice, throwing in goddesses, rituals and practical suggestions along the way. It's a perfect book for yogis who are curious about witchcraft as well as witches looking for a deeper connection to their craft."
—Lyn Thurman, author of Goddess Rising and The Inner Goddess Revolution

"If I ever take up yoga, this is the book I'm going to use."
—Paula Brackston, author of The Witch's Daughter

"In Yoga for Witches Sarah Robinson has found a delightful balance as she simultaneously demystifies and honors the mystery inherent in both yoga and witchcraft. This book is rich with information about both traditions, yet it never overwhelms the reader. Deeply scholarly and yet totally accessible, Yoga for Witches awakens the magic within each one of us."
—Gina Martin, author of the When She Wakes trilogy

"A ‘must-read' for all the closet yoga-witches out there needing the tools and motivations to proudly reclaim our herstory as healers, wise women, goddesses, yogis, priestesses and oracles."
—Tamara Pitelen, founder of Blue Dea Books, author, energy healer and yoga instructor

"I have longed for a book like this to be written! I've noticed many correlations between witchcraft and yoga and Sarah puts them in words that are eloquent and knowledgeable. The blend between the craft of a Witch and the deep-rooted history of Yoga brings, through the many well-crafted spiritual practices in this book, the reader to stay grounded through the breath, movement and to be mindful of the many cycles we, as witches follow."
—Katie Smith, astrologer and designer of the Urban Witchery Planner
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ISBN: 9781910559550
ISBN-10: 1910559555
Publisher: Womancraft Publishing
Publication Date: March 16th, 2020
Pages: 232
Language: English