Darkness Was My Candle: A Memoir of Survival and Grace (Paperback)

Darkness Was My Candle: A Memoir of Survival and Grace By Lora DeVore Cover Image
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Born into poverty and violence, Lora's early life was one of extreme vulnerability. She was prostituted for the first time at the age of nine and suffered unspeakable treatment from those who should have protected her. The impact of this early trauma led to her institutionalization soon after she started college, an incarceration she would not have survived but for a courageous nurse who fought for her release. Fifty years later, after a long career as a successful mental health professional, and recognized as leading educator and sought-after public speaker, Lora revisited the grounds of the Illinois state mental hospital where she was once kept in inhumane, degrading, and life-threatening circumstances. This profound and compelling memoir traces her life as a survivor of child abuse, sex trafficking, illegal pharmacological drug research, and institutional abuse. Having experienced such horrifying and traumatic events, how did she survive? And to what purpose? Seeking the resolution to these unanswered questions, Lora's experiences illuminate and validate the power of love and the strength of the indomitable human spirit that lives within each one of us. This is her story.

About the Author

Lora DeVore is a visionary leader, sought-after speaker and powerful storyteller. She integrates her experience as a psychotherapist and educator in her role at PrairieCare in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For the past twenty years, she has also been a senior faculty member with the Washington, D.C., internationally recognized Center for Mind Body Medicine
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ISBN: 9781913494490
ISBN-10: 1913494497
Publisher: Confer Books
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 360
Language: English