1966 Forever (Paperback)

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Fans of John Hughes, Back to the Future and YA romance will fall in love with the Santolsa Saga.

Janet Bates doesn't hold a lot of hope for her future.

Living with her Gran in the Santolsa trailer park, Janet's just trying to keep her head down, work hard in school and maybe one day live in a house with real foundations.

But when Gran is suddenly taken ill, Janet has more to worry about than how to get David, the bad boy next door to notice her.

A plan to make rent money goes horribly wrong and Janet and David seek safety in the walls of St. Christopher's high school.

Finding herself magically transported back in time to 1966, Janet embarks on a mission to find the parents she never knew, while falling for a mysterious boy on the midnight bus from Santolsa to San Francisco.

But if time continues to take its natural course, Janet may just end up losing everyone she's ever loved all over again.

Can Janet re-write the past? Or is she destined to be forever alone?

Back to the Future Part III meets Forest Gump with a slice of St Elmo's Fire on the side, The final book in the Santolsa Saga is a journey through time, space and the loves of a lifetime which will leave Santolsa Saga Fans wanting to start reading the series all over again.

Part 3 of the Santolsa Saga - best read in order.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781916311411
ISBN-10: 1916311415
Publisher: Victoria Maxwell
Publication Date: November 25th, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English