Beleth Station (Paperback)

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Beleth Station has seen better days, days long since lost to time.

A tiny dot on the map beyond a two-hour drive to any one city. It's a forgotten place to all except the unfortunate souls who were born there, folks who are barely hanging on and will likely never leave.

Beleth Station was once a thriving town in the Pennsylvania mountains, but ever since the Medallion Paper Mill closed, things haven't been the same. Rumors spread of cancer clusters and benzene in the local water supply, but Medallion went bankrupt before an investigation could conclude. Now the town's inhabitants-descendents of the old mill workers, make do in industries that are less than savory, and what remains of the mill is just a vacant haunt where bored teenagers like to wander at night, either hoping to scare the piss out of their buddies, or looking for a quiet corner to get laid. Of course, it's also home to a few vagrants, some looking to get blasted in peace and others with more predatory intentions.

Newly-in-love outsiders Krista Mabry and Nick Rawlison have seen better days, too, now that they've ended up in the seedy town of Beleth Station, where untold horrors await.

Authors Samantha Kolesnik and Bryan Smith present two unique tales of brutal terror in BELETH STATION, a novella duo featuring Kolesnik's A Night to Remember and Smith's The Gauntlet. Set in the same town and in a shared universe, Smith and Kolesnik present two sides of the same sordid coin as we follow lovebirds Nick and Krista into the heart of Beleth Station, where corruption and depravity reign.

About the Author

Samantha Kolesnik is an award-winning author of horror and transgressive fiction. Her debut novel, True Crime, was released in 2020 to much acclaim from within and outside of the horror community, earning praise from iHorror, CrimeReads, The Library Journal, LitReactor, and more. Kolesnik's sophomore work, Waif, was featured in the Night Worms February subscription package, and has earned praise from iHorror, Mystery and Suspense Magazine, The Line-Up, and more. Kolesnik is a two-time Splatterpunk Award winner, as well as a Bram Stoker Award nominated editor for her horror anthology, Worst Laid Plans, now a motion picture from GenreBlast Films. Samantha Kolesnik's next work, Beleth Station, a collaboration with the award-winning mass market horror paperback author, Bryan Smith, will be coming out in early 2023 from CLASH Books, as will a Spanish language edition of True Crime from La Biblioteca de Carfax. Samantha Kolesnik is represented by literary agent Emmy Nordstrom Higdon at Westwood Creative Artists. Website: www.samanthakolesnik. com / Twitter: @samkolesnik Bryan Smith is the Splatterpunk Award-winning author of more than thirty horror and crime books, including 68 Kill, the cult classic Depraved and its sequels, as well as The Killing Kind, Slowly We Rot, The Freakshow, and many more. Bestselling horror author Brian Keene called Slowly We Rot, "The best zombie novel I've ever read." 68 Kill was adapted into a motion picture directed by Trent Haaga and starring Matthew Gray Gubler of the long-running CBS series Criminal Minds. 68 Kill won the Midnighters Award at the SXSW film festival in 2017 and was released to wide acclaim, including positive reviews in The New York Times and Bloody Disgusting. Bryan also co-scripted an original Harley Quinn story for the House of Horrors anthology from DC Comics. He has worked with renowned horror publishers in both the mass market and small press spheres, including Leisure Books, Samhain Publishing, Grindhouse Press, Death's Head Press, and more. His works are available wherever books are sold, with select titles also available in German and Italian. Website: www.bryansmithauthor. com / Twitter: @Bryan_D_Smith
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ISBN: 9781955904834
ISBN-10: 1955904839
Publisher: Clash Books
Publication Date: May 9th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English