The Blue Angel (Full of Grace #4) (Paperback)

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'Go in.' 'I wouldn't dare ' 'You go in.' 'No.' 'At least have a look.' 'Levi, you saw the angel first. Look in.' 'What can you see?' 'A beautiful young woman and a man bending over a manger and ...I can hear a little baby crying and the woman is speaking to him... 'What is she saying?' 'She is saying "Jesus, little one Jesus, love of your mummy Don't cry, little son"..."Oh If I could only say to You 'take some milk, little one'. But I have not got any yet"..."You are so cold, My love And the hay is stinging You How painful it is for Your mummy to hear You crying so, without being able to help You "... "Sleep, soul of Mine Because it breaks my heart to hear you crying and see Your tears "...' 'Call Her Let them hear you.' 'You should call Her because you brought us here ' Joseph turns round and comes to the door. 'Who are you?' 'Shepherds.... We brought you some food and some wool. We have come to worship the Saviour.' 'Come in.' They all go in, lighting the stable with their torches. 'Come. Come.' says Mary, smiling and inviting them with Her hand. They look at the Baby Who is weeping a little and they smile, moved and happy. 'Mother, take this wool, it is soft and clean. I prepared it for my child who is about to be born. But I offer it to You. Lay Your Son in this wool. It will be soft and warm.' Mary accepts the thick beautiful soft white sheep wool, lifts Jesus and puts the wool around Him. Then She shows Him to the Shepherds who, kneeling, look at him ecstatically 'He should be given a mouthful of milk...' 'There is some milk here. Take it Woman.' 'But it is cold. It should be warm. Where is Elias? He has the sheep.' The sheep bleats, declaring its presence. 'Come in. You're wanted.' 'It's you ' Joseph recognises the shepherd who gave them milk on the way. Mary smiles at him saying 'You are good.' They milk the sheep, deep the hem of a linen piece in the warm creamy milk and Mary moistens the lips of the Baby Who sucks the sweet cream, making them all smile. And they smile even more when Jesus falls asleep in the warm wool, with a little bit of linen still between His lips. 'But you can't stay here. It's cold and damp. And....there's too strong a smell of animals. It's not's not good for the Saviour.' 'I know. But there is no room for us in Bethlehem.' 'Take heart woman. We will find You a house.' 'I will tell my mistress', says Elias ' She's good. She'll receive You even if she had to give You her own room...' 'For My Child at least. Joseph and I can also lie on the floor. But for the little One....' 'Don't worry woman. We will see to it. And we will tell many people what we were told. You will lack nothing. For the time being, take what we poor shepherds can offer You....' 'We are poor too...and we cannot reward you.' 'Oh We don't want it Even if you could afford it, we would not want it. The Lord has already rewarded us... And You are blessed, Woman, Who gave birth to Him: You are holy, because You deserved to bear Him. Give us orders as our queen because we will be glad to serve You. What can we do for You?' 'You can love My Son and always cherish the same thoughts you have now.' 'Will you tell your baby about us?' 'I certainly will.' 'I am Elias.' 'And I am Levi.' 'And I am Samuel.' 'And I Jonah.' 'And I Isaac.' 'And I Tobias.' 'And I Jonathan.' 'And I Daniel.' 'And I Simeon.' 'My name is John.' 'I am Joseph and my brother Benjamin. We are twins.'
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ISBN: 9781981366279
ISBN-10: 198136627X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2017
Pages: 116
Language: English
Series: Full of Grace