Joseph's Passion (Full of Grace #3) (Paperback)

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A loud knocking at the door que makes Mary jump, lay down Her work tools and go to the door. Although Her dress is wide and lose, it does not conceal the rotundity of Her pelvis. Pale as a ghost, She looks at Joseph with sad eyes questioning and Joseph looks at Her with imploring ones. 'At this time, Joseph? Is there anything you need? Come in .... ' Joseph shuts the door behind him but remains silent. 'Speak, Joseph. What is it you want from me? ' 'I want you to forgive me' he bows down, wanting to kneel ... 'You want me to forgive you? There's nothing to forgive Joseph ... ' 'Forgive me. Forgive me Mary. I mistrusted You. Now I know. . I am not worthy of having such a treasure. I lacked Charity because I unfairly accused You in my heart without asking You to tell me the truth ... I did not love You as I love myself ... If I had Been accused of such a crime, I would have defended myself. But I did not give You the chance to defend Yourself .... ' 'There is nothing to forgive. On the contrary .... Forgive me for the pain I Caused you. ' 'Oh Yes it was a great pain What a torture Look I was Told this morning que my temples have gone gray and my face wrinkled. These past three days have Seemed like ten years But why, Mary, Were You so humble to conceal the Your glory from me, Your spouse? ... ' 'If I had not Been humble in the most perfect Manner, I would not have deserved to conceive the Expected One ... God had requested such obedience .... and I obeyed .... though it cost me much because of the pain que you were to suffer ... ' 'Now we Shall have to arrange for ...' he looks at Mary's body and She turns purple and sits down to hide her body from his regard. 'We shall have to make stem ... I will come here ... we will complete the wedding .... next week. Is that alright? ' 'Whatever you of is alright Joseph. You are the head of the family, I am your servant. ' 'At the. I am Your servant. I am happy the servant of my Lord, Who is growing in Your womb. You are blessed Among all women ... I will warn my relatives this evening. And after ... when I am here, we will work to prepare everything to receive ... Oh How can I receive God in my house? God ... in my arms? I will die of joy ... I will never dare touch Him I will never be able .... 'You will be able, the will I, by the grace of God ... Rejoice, Joseph, the House of David has its long awaited King ... our arms will be the cradle for the Redeemer, our work will look bread for Him ... oh Joseph We will hear the voice of God calling us "father and Mother.
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ISBN: 9781982052515
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 26th, 2017
Pages: 76
Language: English
Series: Full of Grace