Treasure with 7 Names (Follow Me #1) (Paperback)

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'Is it really Him? Are you sure? We only saw Him then, when the Baptist pointed Him out to us.' 'It is Him. He did not deny it.' 'Anyone can say whatever suits him to impose himself on dupes. It is not the first time....' grumbles Peter. 'Oh Simon Don't say that He is the Messiah He knows everything He hears you.' 'Sure The Messiah And He showed Himself to you, James and Andrew Three poor fishermen ...The Messiah will need much more than that And He hears me Eh My poor boy. The first spring sunshine has damaged your brains Come on, come and do some work. That's much better. And forget such fairy tales ' 'I'm telling you, He is the Messiah John said holy things but He speaks of God. Who is not Christ cannot speak such words.' 'Simon, I am not a boy. And I am composed and thoughtful. You know that...' pleads James. 'And I can tell you that really He can but be the Messiah He says: "I have come to turn the world upside down because I will lower what is now held high and raise what is now held in contempt. I am the Light of the world."...Did He not say that John?' 'Yes. And He said: "...The great world will not love Me because it is corrupted by vices and idolatry. But the earth is not only made of the great world, but also those who are of the world because they have been imprisoned in it, like fish in a net because of a weight that drags them to the bottom, which is Adam's sin...I have come to remove that sin, and while awaiting the hour of Redemption, to give those who believe in Me, strength to free themselves from the snares that trap them and to follow Me, the Light of the world." 'Well then, if He said that, we must go to Him at once.' says Peter, impulsive but genuine, hastening to unload the boat now beached ashore. 'And you, silly Andrew, why did you not go with them? ...' 'But, Simon You reproached me because I did not persuade them to come with me. You have been grumbling all night, and now, you rebuke me because I did not go? ' 'You're right...But I did not see did...and you must have seen that He is not like us.....He must have something compelling .....' 'Oh Yes. His face His eyes What beautiful eyes, aren't they James? And His voice ....Oh What a voice When He speaks, you seem to be dreaming of Heaven.' 'Quick, quick. Let's go and see Him' says Peter ....' Did you say he knows everything and hears everything?' 'Yes, I did. Just think: When we saw the moon high in the sky last night, I said: "I wonder what Simon would be doing right now", and He said: "He is casting his net and he cannot set his mind at rest because he has to do it all my himself since you did not go out with the twin boat on such a good evening for fishing.....' 'Holy Mercy It's true Well, He will also have heard....also that I called Him little less than a liar....I can't go to Him ' 'Oh He is so good. He already knew because when we told Him we were coming to you, He said: "Go. But don't let the first words of contempt discourage you...." 'Is that what He said? Well, I'll come. Speak, speak of Him while we are going. Where is He?' 'In a poor house; they must be His friends.' 'Is He poor?' 'A workman from Nazareth, so He said.' 'It would have been better if we had brought some fish, some bread and fruit.....something, ....because He is like....He is more than a rabbi and we are going empty-handed Our rabbis don't like that.' 'But He does. ...We also said: Master, but we are all poor, what shall we bring You?" He answered with a smile that brought us enjoyment of the delights of Paradise: "I want a great treasure from you: "A treasure with seven names, ...You have it, and I want it. ..." 'Ah Now I feel that He is a true Rabboni, the promised Messiah .... We can go safely.'
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ISBN: 9781983942518
ISBN-10: 1983942510
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 16th, 2018
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: Follow Me