Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers: Interviews With the Best in the Business (Paperback)

Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers: Interviews With the Best in the Business By Jim Gillespie Cover Image
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The National Association of Realtors has now recommended this book to all of their commercial members. Imagine having five of the top commercial real estate brokers in the business bare their souls to you and share their innermost secrets for developing a ton of great new commercial real estate brokerage business. This is what Jim Gillespie, America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coach, has accomplished within this book.

Here's what you'll be learning within this book:

  • How to make sure you get your prospecting done, so you stop making excuses, and you begin making the great amount of money that comes from continually getting your prospecting done every single week.

  • How to get the phone numbers for the people you want to do business with, and how to get your database into excellent condition.

  • What to say to the receptionist and to the decision maker when you're making your prospecting calls, and how to leave powerful voicemail messages that will compel more decision makers to call you back.

  • How to deliver outstanding presentations, so that more of your clients and prospects will feel more compelled to just move forward and give you the listings on their properties.

  • How to build solid long-term relationships with your clients, so that you're getting more repeat business from them, instead of needing to constantly chase new prospects for new business.

  • How to organize and systematize your brokerage business, so that you're working much more productively, bringing in more new deals, and not being bogged down by doing administrative and follow-up activities that are just completely sapping your time and energy.

  • How to position yourself within people's minds as the best commercial real estate broker they could ever want to work with, long before they ever have their next commercial real estate need.

"If you read just one book to take your commercial real estate brokerage business to the next level, make it this one " Ruben EscobosaCBRE Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

About the Author

Jim Gillespie is America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coach. He is the Founder and Creator of coaching for the commercial real estate industry, he's coached many agents onto higher levels of success within their businesses, and he was a commercial agent himself for 20 years in Los Angeles. He is a Past President of AIR CRE, the predominant association for commercial real estate brokers in the Western United States. He's written more than 400 training articles, and he has approximately 70 free commercial agent training videos available to watch on his website at
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Publication Date: April 3rd, 2018
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