Get Strong at Tesuji (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) (Paperback)

Get Strong at Tesuji (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) By Richard Bozulich Cover Image
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The fastest way to become strong at go is to constantly study tesuji and life-and-death problems. But they also advise you not to study difficult problems. Easy problems, they say, are the most beneficial, even for dan-level players. In other words, quantity of problems studied rather than difficulty is the key to becoming strong. In this way, you will familiarize yourself with the key moves in all kinds of patterns, thereby developing your tesuji intuition that will help you zero in on the key points that arise in your games.

This is the perfect book for studying tesuji. Aimed at the player who has just learned the rules and played a few games, Get Strong at Tesuji contains 534 problems that will develop your tesuji intuition to the level of a dan player. The problems are divided into three levels of difficulties: easy (10-kyu to 5-kyu), intermediate (5-kyu to 1-kyu), and advanced (5-kyu to 1-kyu). There are also a few dan-level problems toward the end of the book so that you can judge your progress after tackling the other problems.

Product Details
ISBN: 9784906574568
ISBN-10: 4906574564
Publisher: Kiseido Publishing Company
Publication Date: October 17th, 2020
Pages: 196
Language: English
Series: Beginner and Elementary Go Books