Structuring and Raising Debt & Equity for Real Estate (Paperback)

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It is not enough to buy a great deal at the right price. The investment's capital structure must be structured optimally to match the strategy and business plan for the deal and its investors.

Structuring and Raising Debt & Equity for Real Estate sheds light on the various types of lenders and equity investors and deal structures so that you can better put together your next investment. In this book, you will also learn strategies to source and attract debt and equity partners, which are two key relationships in the real estate investment business.

In Rob's previous bestselling book, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions, he shares his process of analyzing a potential investment from A to Z. In this new book, Rob takes you through the next step of understanding real estate capital structures and how to raise debt and equity for your next real estate investment.

"Structure trumps strategy in many cases and it is often undervalued. Taking advantage of promote crystallization, or 1031 exchange transaction options within syndicated deals or funds are two things often overlooked for example. Also, structuring private joint venture and Co-GP structures is the fastest growing segment within our club and the family office industry overall. Out of 1,000+ members of our investor club we selected Rob as one of a few to connect to a billionaire we have closed 18 deals with because of his expertise on deal structures and market access."

-Richard C. Wilson, CEO of Family Office Club

"Structuring and Raising Debt & Equity for Real Estate builds on the insights from Rob's first book about analyzing multifamily investments and takes it to the next level by sharing the skills and processes needed to structure and acquire a winning investment. Whether you're looking to do your first syndication or joint venture with institutional capital, this book offers you the tools do so."

-Joe Fairless, Co-Founder of Ashcroft Capital

"While The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions provided readers with everything they need to do prior to getting into escrow, in Structuring and Raising Debt & Equity for Real Estate, Rob provides a no-nonsense outline of the exact structures and strategies which are working to actually get the deal funded and closed. This short but impactful book is required reading for real estate entrepreneurs of any level."

-Hunter Thompson, author of Raising Capital for Real Estate & Principal of Asym Capital.
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ISBN: 9798351180991
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 114
Language: English