The Master's Violin: Large Print (Paperback)

The Master's Violin: Large Print By Myrtle Reed Cover Image
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The fire blazed newly from its embers and set strange shadows to dancing upon thepolished floor. Now and then, there was a gleam from some dark mahogany surface and ananswering flash from a bit of old silver in the cabinet. April, warm with May's promise, came in through the open window, laden with the wholesome fragrance of growing things, and yet, because an old lady loved it, there was a fire upon the hearth and no other light inthe room.She sat in her easy chair, sheltered from possible draughts, and watched it, seeminglyunmindful of her three companions. Tints of amethyst and sapphire appeared in the hazefrom the backlog and were lost a moment later in the dominant flame. In that last hour ofglorious life, the tree was giving back its memories-blue skies, grey days just tinged withgold, lost rainbows, and flashes of su.
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ISBN: 9798583537853
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 19th, 2020
Pages: 164
Language: English