Secrets of Seed Planting: A Mystery about Sowing Seeds (Paperback)

Secrets of Seed Planting: A Mystery about Sowing Seeds By Jeffrey Okaekwu Cover Image
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Discover the great mystery behind seed sowing and the abundant blessings that one could get from doing that. There are many questions to this, and understanding it more will open doors of benefits and opportunities.Most times, the seed is covered by the fruit, which represents blessings, and many find it difficult to differentiate the seed from the fruit. The fruit is edible but the seed is to be planted for more harvest of blessings. Some other things that we fail to identify are the when, how, where, and mindset of sowing seeds.Revelations have shown me this, and I shared it here to enlighten you about it and help you multiply your blessings.This book will open your eyes to understanda) How to identify and differentiate the seeds from the fruits in order not to eat both up b) Knowing the right place, which is also known as the fertile soil for sowing, how to sow and when to sow the blessings cuts across so many generations, and multiplication is awesome.
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ISBN: 9798683082369
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 5th, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English
Series: Secrets