Who's On First? Everything a Baseball Parent Needs to Know (Paperback)

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From tee ball to pro ball, this book is a game-changer for baseball parents, written by former professional baseball players, coaches, and industry-leading experts. Navigating America's pastime not only requires willpower and skill to meet the challenges of the game, but also the ability to exercise sound judgment and understand every aspect of the industry. Combining expert baseball knowledge with first-hand accounts from Major League Baseball players, this book provides everything needed to succeed and find fulfillment in the baseball journey - on and off the diamond.

Who's On First? is divided into three distinct parts to allow you to focus independently and process all the information you will need for each phase of the journey you take with your athlete.

Part I: Development and Competition. This part covers everything you need to know about private baseball instruction, recreation and travel leagues, camps and showcases, middle school, high school, Junior College, NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, and all levels of professional baseball, including the recruitment process, agent and advisor representation, scouting, and parent etiquette. This section contains exclusive interviews from current and former big league players who reached the pinnacle of this career journey. The personal stories shared in this section are what bring meaning to the game, humanizing even the stars, and providing an inside perspective from players who progressed through each level.

Part II: Foundational Essentials. Regardless of what you think you know as a parent, pursuing the right development path is crucial as your ballplayer develops their career-determining playing habits and skill sets. For parents already in the middle of the journey, evaluate your current learning processes, coaching options, and development choices with the information we share to understand the aspects you should be aware of with respect to training. With insights into the necessities of failure and advice on developing athleticism prior to specializing in baseball, you will gain a foundational understanding of how best to engage with and direct your ballplayer to make long-term improvements. The Throwing Insider and Hitting Insider chapters that follow provide the most credible resources in the game to maximize the time and effort you and your athlete will invest in this journey.

Part III: Performance and Wellness. This section will undoubtedly be part of your athlete's future, whether the journey ends before high school or at the Major League level. Building the foundation for success starts early. We first dive into baseball nutrition, strength, conditioning, and recovery, to build explosive, injury-free power, as well as prime the mental practices that separate the winners from the losers.

Next, we provide industry-leading insight regarding common injuries, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation. We include the latest medical practices and research on recovery remedies with surgical and non-surgical considerations. Trust this section to answer your questions, address common misconceptions, and provide relevant information when making decisions on general wellness, performance tools or injury prevention and recovery.

Finally, Part III concludes with industry-leading insight regarding performance aides and state-of-the-art evaluation technologies, such as launch monitors, that will give your athlete the best chance at a long and prosperous journey.

There isn't another book on the market that speaks truth and paves the way for you and your athlete to achieve and find fulfillment in the baseball journey.

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ISBN: 9798985638622
Publisher: Bobby Bramhall & Nate Headley
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 358
Language: English