Old Coder Guy Book 1: Absurdity and Dubious Wisdom from an Accidental 30 Year Career in Technology (Paperback)

Old Coder Guy Book 1: Absurdity and Dubious Wisdom from an Accidental 30 Year Career in Technology By Eric Whitney Cover Image
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Following a shockingly successful run on nerd TikTok, the Old Coder Guy franchise is making a dent in traditional print media, with Old Coder Guy Book 1.

Each chapter of this book is an essay about an aspect of technology, management, leadership, and how to learn in these domains. The book talks about the tech careers that you don't see in the headlines... the jobs that *most* of us have, where we're grinding away on the 99% of the products and systems that aren't launched by turtleneck-wearing ***holes on a conference center stage. A bit of career advice, a bit of management and leadership advice, and absurd stories about things going wrong more often than they went right. Most books make a straight run at topics like "management", but Old Coder Guy flanks that's.o.b. and pops out from the box hedge it's walking past, where it will never see me coming until after I've taken out it's knees with our three iron of wisdom.

If you only plan to read three books in your lifetime... then this should definitely not be one of them. But the fourth? Again, still no. Look, with regard to the helpfulness and reliability of this book description in the face of what seems to be your impossibly high standards, we could sit here pointing fingers and playing he-said, she-said all day, but in the end, we're just two people. One of them who has written this book, and the other of whom is looking for a book. This is the smell and taste of bolt-of-lightening, meant-to-be karma, and that man in front of you, sweaty and glistening, with arms extended holding out this book, is me, meeting you what honestly feels like well over half-way. It's time to ask yourself if you'd rather be right, or rather be reading. Also, there's a lot of profanity, so you may not want to gift it to Gramgram for her birthday, unless she's a fun grandma who likes to code and party.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988269700
Publisher: Ocg Worldwide LLC
Publication Date: July 21st, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English