Encyclopedia of Brockport

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"Encyclopedia of Brockport" compiled by
local historian Eunice Chesnut
(A compilation of almost 2,000 people, plus places and events) Published May, 2010

Eunice Chesnut, historian at the Morgan-Manning House in Brockport, has published the "Encyclopedia of Brockport," a compilation of almost 2,000 people, starting with the earliest arrivals in the Brockport area. About half the people listed are living and contributing to Brockport in the present. There are 200 historic and current places listed such as the first Post office that opened in 1823 to the canal Welcome Center that opened in 2005. Forty memorable events are included, some from the past such as Old Home Week in 1911 to the present "Bienvenida" welcoming celebrations for seasonal workers. The hard back book has 323 pages, weighs about 3.5 pounds, and measures roughly 9 x 11 inches.

Chesnut originally volunteered at the Morgan-Manning House as a guide and newsletter writer. In 1980, the Western Monroe Historical Society hired Chesnut to "actually try to establish some form to the local history of the area," she said. She started with two bushel baskets of the Morgan family letters that were saved from the 1964 fire, a tragedy that destroyed part of the home at 151 Main Street in Brockport. The Western Monroe Historical Society purchased the home in 1965, restored it to become a Landmark, and has maintained it since as a museum and offices for the organization.

Chesnut found the Morgan letters interesting, but wished for some reference to the names they mentioned, like an "encyclopedia type book," she said. For a quarter of a century, in her second floor office in the historic home, she filled 26 four-drawer file cabinets with clippings, letters, and documents about the Brockport community "and it all started with those two bushel baskets," she said. In 2008, she started putting in book form the file items and information from her interviews with local people.

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